Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching up

Life gets busy, and blogging suffers.  Here are some of my random thoughts about the goings-on in the 'Sota sports scene.
  • I'm nearly recovered from the disappointing end to the Twins season.  Watching the Rangers on the verge of knocking off the Yanks is definitely bittersweet.  While I'm always happy to watch the Yankees suffer, this only confirms my belief that the Twins missed out on a golden opportunity this year.  Watch for my thoughts on offseason moves in a future post.
  • The T-Wolves may in fact be for real.  As long as they manage to steer clear of the Pacers this year, they will make a lot of basketball "experts" look stupid.  Now sitting at 5-2 for the pre-season (0-2 vs. Indiana), I can honestly say I'm impressed.  As noted previously, they are vastly improved at every position, are much more athletic, can actually shoot the 3, and have somehow learned how to defend (at times).  Hey, when Corey Brewer is the worst player on your entire roster, it's not all bad.
  • I watched the Wild tonight, and they looked really good.  If they keep it up, they may earn a blog posting all to themselves. The most entertaining part of the game happened about 13 minutes into the second period, when Rick Rypien started a fight with Brad Staubitz, and then roughed up a Wild fan on his way to the locker room.  It didn't look like the fan was doing anything other than clapping and perhaps talking a bit.  I'm sure protocol demanded that the fan be ejected from the game, but if that were me, I'd be looking for a pretty big apology (and perhaps a lawyer).  I certainly hope that Rypien gets suspended and the fan (whoever you are) get's some free tickets and a refund (he already got some TV time and a nice ovation as he was escorted out). UPDATE: As it turns out, the fan was not ejected, but simply moved to another part of the arena. Nice handling of the situation by the Wild staff.  Also, the NHL will suspend Rick Rypien, according this report.
  • I guess it wouldn't be the Vikings if we just had to talk about football.  The Love boat, The Original Wizzinator, StarCaps and now the Favre "sexting" scandal.  Maybe if we were playing better on the field, the media wouldn't spend so much time writing about the other crap. 
Well, I guess that's about it.  Did I miss anything

I suppose this "catch up" wouldn't be complete without a few comments about the Gopher football program.  I'll admit it, I liked Brewster's confidence, enjoyed seeing a top level recruit commit once in a while, and assumed that better athletes would translate into more wins on the field.  As it turns out, switching coordinators every year probably isn't a good idea, and the ability to teach players is probably a better trait in a coach than the ability to recruit them.  Oh, and can someone please tell me why no one is running for state legislature solely on the basis of allowing beer at TCF Bank stadium?  What is the purpose of building a beautiful new stadium and then preventing legal adults from purchasing a cold one to dull the pain of watching these games?  With all the budget cuts going on, you'd think this would be a pretty easy one to figure out.

One more thing...it may be time to do something about this.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That's absolutely hilarious. play4brew.com? How did I ever miss this? And it still exists? Classic.



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